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Ancient 5,000 year old Rock-Art.

Gourock Golf Course has a special place in the history of rock art for it's amazing mathematical feature.

Extensive cup & ring carvings at NS27NW 7 (Panel-1), were first reported by Ronald Morris in 1969 but it was a second find by Professor Thom at NS27NW 8 which contained an unusual group of five cups which fall exactely on the corners superimposed right-angled triangles of sides 3-4-5 and 6-8-10 megalithic inches and another group consisting of three rows of three cups, in a grid pattern.


Cup & Ring Carvings!

Gourock Carvings!

These 5,000 year old Cup & Ring markings can be found on the boundry between Gourock Golf Course and the hills leading to the National Semiconductor factory.

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Gourock Rock-Art


Two cup & ring markings (Panel 1)

Close up of cup & ring (Panel 1)